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The concept was born back in 2014.   TV news anchor Juliet Huddy was watching a clip on Good Morning America, in which host George Stephanopoulos, after hearing about an up-and-coming ‘tween’ heavy metal band, shockingly exclaimed “Is heavy metal making a comeback?!?”

Comeback? When did it go away?  Well…

‘Thanks’ to social media and general changes over the past thirty years within the industry itself, music has become severely diluted.  These days, a lot of folks who consider themselves serious music fans have no idea who the big rock and metal artists are.


Because the two genres just don’t get that much media attention anymore, except from within the confines of their own misunderstood community; a community, we might add, with hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.  In fact, a 2015 study by online streaming company Spotify proved what many hard music fans have been insisting (to mostly deaf ears) for years:  Fans of hard music, particularly metal, are some of, if not the most loyal fans in the world.

“Metal is a kind of secret society – a brotherhood of outsiders” music journalist Neil Shah says.  These days “world music” isn’t all about pan flutes and African drums.  “It’s loud guitars, growling vocals and ultrafast ‘blast’ beats.  Heavy metal has become the unlikely soundtrack of globalization.”

I should point out, Mr. Shah’s article didn’t appear in Rolling Stone, but rather The Wall Street Journal.  

Yet, for some reason, the mainstream media and music industry as a whole ignore this fact.  BlondeAndCrossbones thinks ignorance, in this case, is bliss.

Huddy, who spent nearly two decades in television, as both a highly rated network news anchor and national talk show host, has interviewed everyone from Condoleeza Rice to the Kardashians.   She’ll use her news background, conversational interview style and easy-going personality to pull compelling stories from artists of whom (believe it or not) she herself is a huge fan.

And she won’t do it alone.

As one of the nation’s top comedians and former host of “That Metal Show”, Don Jamieson will help navigate the sometimes intimidating and always gritty hard music genre with not only edgy wit — but serious command.

Former “Howard Stern Show” gossip guy Chaunce Hayden will grab details no one else has, about the artists,from the artists.

And that’s just the beginning… will skim the surface and delve deep, getting to know artists and bands from both a lighthearted as well as an intensely personal perspective:  Walking through their old neighborhoods, hearing stories from back in the day, meeting family, friends — even cooking.   They’ll find out what made these musicians tick then…and now.  Through long and short format, engaging feature stories and segments, will create a new and renewed connection between artist and fan. will tear down the Wall of Intimidation, so music lovers can see the true talent and personalities of these musicians — attributes that sometimes get lost in the fury of the music itself.

Don Jamieson