Blonde and Crossbones | Juliet Huddy Blonde and Crossbones | Juliet Huddy Blonde and Crossbones | Juliet Huddy Blonde and Crossbones | Juliet Huddy Blonde and Crossbones | Juliet Huddy



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I admit, I stopped in my tracks when I saw the (cheeky) press release about this band, of which, again admittedly, I’d never heard.  (Do Canadians use the word ‘cheeky’?)

“Hailing from the blue collar city of Brantford, Ontario, the boys in Harbour decided to push aside their careers as male models to focus on fast paced pop punk/rock. When not catching rays on the beach and posting pics to their millions of Instagram followers, they’re cranking out songs about life and all the stuff that comes with it.” —EARSHOT media

Immediately, I fell in love.  They’re touring now through the end of the month here in the States, with Rich People and Keep Flying.  Check out the locations and dates HERE.  

Punks Cross the Border, Harbour on tour NOW

In the meantime, HERE’S A LINK to their new music video “7 Days”.  

Give these dreamboats some good ol USA love. –Juliet


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