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We’re Baaaaack!

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You might’ve noticed B&C took a little summer ‘siesta’ of sorts.  Well… The “B” of B&C (me, Juliet Huddy) got married and went on a honeymoon (Mrs. Juliet Huddy Fattoruso, now!) (<and more on “Fattoruso” shortly…)

We also took advantage of the Wedding Extravaganza to take stock of the first months of the website itself.  We’ve been in ‘soft-launch’ mode since February; a time for us to see what works, and what does not.

So, you’ll see some changes:  A more user-friendly site, more ‘live’ interviews, more band updates, more behind the scenes action.  The changes you won’t see involve staff:  We lost producer/shooter and my right-hand man, Chaunce Hayden — who moved to Monaghan, Ireland in search of his long-lost daughter.  We also changed up the production end, and are going to be doing less, well…’production’ frankly.  We found setting up lights and tripods and all that equipment went against the point of the site:  To give fans a raw look at what goes on behind the scenes.

Our official, ‘hard launch’ is in September.  We’ll be kicking it off with a behind the scenes look at this year’s “Ride For Dime” in New Jersey, including a VIP party at Dingbatz and the show itself at Starland Ballroom.  From now on, you’ll see more camera movement (like the shoot we did with “Black Map” for instance).   Plopping a camera on a tripod is just…not exciting.  So we scrapped that, and are going more gonzo-style.

We hope you enjoy, and please, spread the word on BlondeAndCrossbones!


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