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Dennis Abate.  Guitar.  Age 18.

Marcus Luciano.  Bass. Age 17.

Teresa Marinuzzi.  Drums.  Age 17.

And get ready for this one, folks:  Zach Penza.  Vocals/Guitar.  Age FIFTEEN.  

I’m Juliet and don’t even think I’m going to tell you how old I am.  This is honestly one of my favorite things about covering music — getting to see the raw, hopeful, dreamers just starting to eek their voices, drumsticks, guitar pics into the shark-infested worlds of hard rock and heavy metal.  Typically, they’re in their very early 20’s when they first hit the stages of venerable rock clubs like Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ.  But sometimes there’s that rogue group, made up of musicians that could be your kids.  Even (don’t look at me like that!) grandkids.

And with that, I give you…Atomic Minds:  A band out of New Jersey with a maturity and stage presence you don’t see with mamy groups twice their age.  Baby-faced boys with the vocals and technique down. And yes, that’s a ‘girl drummer’, which –as a somewhat mature woman planning on taking drum lessons herself– I find completely rad.  Once I actually saw Miss Teresa play… my enthusiasm turned to respect.  (And jealousy!!!)

These bandmates, as you’re about to hear, are coming to a fork in the road; college and other plans to draft futures potentially getting in the way.  I really, really hope they find a way to stay together.  In the age of the internet, uploading, streaming, etc. it’s not entirely out of the question.

I’m not a betting girl, but I’d say it’s a pretty solid one that you’re going to see these ‘kids’ on bigger and bigger stages as the years go on.

Ladies and gentlemen, and kids of all ages, meet ATOMIC MINDS… and check out their music on site as well!